What we stand for?

CPLPA is a non-profitable, non-governmental organization dedicated to eliminate all hate activities, through education and information.

We are working towards eliminating hates and strives to foster love, unity and oneness and point every Nigeria to embrace the culture of love and mutual tolerance.

What We Do?

We Are Worldwide Non-Profit & NGO Ogranization

Active Love Campaign

This campaign offers expert advice and guidance from our physiotherapy staff. Providing useful condition-specific insights and inspiring stories from other people in your boat but living the #NoHate lifestyle. Every quarter we organize the #AllLoveNoHate walk as part of our sensitization effort to curb hate across the country

Medical Outreach

NGO is a non-profitable organization with a firm belief that the well-being of every life matters. We have touched over 1000 lives through medical outreaches since our inception, we are not relenting, we look forward to doing more, our goal is to keep reaching out to communities that cannot afford or access medical fees.


Actively, our #AllLoveNoHate campaign is the strongest educative tool in our quest to keep communicating the peace value to Nigerians. We currently have ambassadors scattered across Nigeria who are consistent educative and driving our #UnlockYourLove goals.

Uniting Nigeria

One of our major goals is to unite Nigerians in love. We are working at bridging the current gap between Nigerians by Uniting them in love. Our aim is to encourage, celebrate, empower and support Nigerians through: various Youth empowerment programs, providing grants & scholarships. etc

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us to further spread the message of LOVE across Africa and also support our various medical outreach.

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