What we do?

At CPLPA, we are working towards eliminating hates and strives to foster love, unity and oneness and point every Nigeria to embrace the culture of love and mutual tolerance.

The menace of hatred has caused numerous damage to our dear nation and threatened the peace and stability of our nation. Major resources that would have been channeled to areas of need is expended in repairing, reconstructing and rehabilitating the aftermath of hate activities.

CPLPA is geared at eliminating all hate activities by clearly informing Nigerians on the dangers and demerit of hate activities and how it obstructs economic activities. The goal is to reach out to individuals and communities one at a time.

Dame Princess Isamade (Founder-CPLPA)
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At CPLPA, we believe in RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS and the power of COMMUNITY. This is why we, in line with our core mandate, organized free medical exercises for communities in Lagos State. So little done, so much yet to do. We invite you to join our #AllLoveNoHate campaign

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