Arise O’ Compatriots

Arise, O compatriots is the Nigeria national anthem it was adopted in October 1978. it was a replacement for the former anthem adopted at independence. in 1960

Arise, O compatriots Nigeria’s call obey to serve our father land with love and strength and faith; These are the first four lines of the Nigeria National Anthem.
it is a charge, a call to action on all the citizen to heed the call of the nation and to serve it with three principles, love, strength and faith.
love for the father land, strength in hard times, and faith that Nigeria will conquer any obstacle.
These are the three characteristics every Nigerian should have. serving the father land means you can be called on to defend Nigeria at anytime.

The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain.
the next two lines remind us not to forget the sacrifices of our founding fathers and people who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the nation. for example the Nigerian soldiers etc.

To serve with heart and might one nation bound in freedom peace and unity. The last three lines add two more things Nigerians need to serve the country- heart and might. if the next line of the anthem is anything to go by,Nigeria is meant to be a progressive country- “bound in freedom”. The last line of the first stanza paints a picture of an ideal Nigeria- peaceful and united.

oh God of creation Direct our noble cause And guide our leaders right Help our youth the truth to know The first line of the second stanza is a kind of invocation to the divine, an entreaty to God to help Nigeria with three things- direct the affairs of the nation, help our leaders to make the right decision and give understanding to our young people; men and women. The plea to God reflects the deep religious sentiments in Nigeria.

In love and honesty to grow and living just and true These two lines are continuation of the prayer or plea to God, the future of the country should mature with honesty and love, guided by truth. This is the second time love appears in the national anthem.

Great lofty heights attain To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign. Nigeria is an ambitious country that wants to be successful,powerful, and want to achieve great things. peace comes up the second time in the national anthem and ends with declaration that justice will be highest in Authority
This affirms the popular saying ” there can be no peace without justice.”

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