Love! a catalyst for nation building.

You need love, not just within the family but outside the family. Once there’s love, religious differences matter no more. Once there’s love, one won’t be sentimental or hate others from other tribes, love wipes away tribal differences.

Where love is, unity abounds. There’s also progress, prosperity and effective communication to help the citizens. Within the national level, love for the citizens of the country will eradicate the one sided nature of our political leaders. This love makes them to see that there’s more to everyone than meets the eye.
Love fosters effective governance as no group of people will feel marginalised or out of place as everyone is equally and properly represented.
It brings about a high level of trust between the citizens and leaders and patience on the side of the citizens.

Once you love your neighbour and your neighbours love others, you find it hard to see people who don’t progress. A nation can be built without love but believe me, it is almost always impossible as love is an essential catalyst needed to speed up the processes that bring about good and effective nation building.

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